ctc-logoWe ditched the rat race, flipped suburbia the bird and moved out to 11 acres of perfection in a sleepy old farming town.

We raise mini dairy goats, Shetland sheep, poultry and other wonderfully noisy creatures.

I make goat’s milk soap, body products (for your body, not made from bodies) strange crafty things and all sorts of repurposed/DIY/found materials/hack projects that sometimes yield amusing results.

We have 6 smallish humans who are some pretty incredible people. They’ve been able to grow in a manner here that has taught them to think outside every box, write their own stories, embrace their wildness and know how to work for something.

I take (very amateur) photos of random places, people I love and things that inspire, intrigue, perplex, and perturb me.

Welcome to our beautiful chaos.